A store, studio and laboratory for new creations.

A store to purchase aesthetic, long-term furniture, objects and textiles. A place to experience events, workshops, and shifting exhibitions. A studio, which designs spaces and furniture in collaboration with local and international designers and craftspeople, a laboratory for invigorating and testing ideas.

store and studio
Dronningens Tværgade 50
1302 Copenhagen K
phone: +45 3151 6272

‘Thinking Inside the Frame’ invites Archival Studies, Muller van Severen and Frederik Bille Brahe to explore the simplicity of the everyday, the local, the analog, within a digital and international frame.

On view now:
Archival Studies
Muller van Severen
Frederik Bille Brahe

‘Select Furniture Studies’ is a special edition of furniture by Archival Studies, finished in a luminous, deep, warm and cool magenta color referencing the Mexican Architect Luis Barragán’s use of this magical color. With a deep interest in traditional joinery techniques, Archival Studies use digital fabrication to interpret and preserve traditional craft, while practicing modern production methods.

‘Yesterday’s Party’ by Muller van Severen points to a party in the past, rather than a present celebration, an appropriate statement in these times of chaos and reflection. Showcasing what a party could look like speaks to the imagination, especially today when there is a longing for coming together. The objects at ‘Yesterday's Party’ act as markers in time. The lamps are a reinterpretation of the Neon lamp from 2014 and together, tables and lamps, celebrate the fifth anniversary of the label Valerie Objects.

Through his cabinet of wonders and surprising bends, chef Frederik creates a view into his changing world. He showcases his transformation as an individual and his mesmerizing, naive and playful approach to food. In 2013 Frederik followed his dream and opened a tiny café in Copenhagen with the purpose of inviting everyone to be his guest. Since then he has launched many successful food ventures, including Apollo Kantine & Bar in the historic art-space Kunsthal Charlottenborg, and Kafeteria in the National Gallery of Denmark which he designed in collaboration with the artist Danh Vo, and has been the creative force behind numerous events and brands.

Enter our kaleidoscopic material space and explore the gamut of design goodies used to bring color, form, tactility and beauty to everyday living in the line-up of studio x projects.

A new resting space in our store, a place to linger, smell and celebrate the small local goods that make our everyday ceremonious and simple, from coffee and bread, to an assortment of kitchenware wonders and groceries.

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